SMH Queries

What all do I need to send to get my Hospital / Nursing Home empanelled?

You need to send

  1. The Hospital Information Performa duly filled in
  2. Any additional brochures/ pamphlets of the hospital
  3. Name & contact No. of person who will be coordinating at your end.
  4. Both the copies of signed MOU.

A copy of MOU will be sent back to you for your records after being signed by our CEO.

What all branch offices we have across the country?

As an initial setup activity, we are in the process of accreditation of hospitals all over India. More than 700 hospitals have already become a part of our network. As a next step and to have nationwide presence, we will be setting up our regional offices in all major cities of India shortly. The address and the telephone Nos. will be communicated after the actual setup.

When will you send your team for inspection of our Hospital?

A team of our Medical Officers would be visiting your hospital for random inspections and case specific follow-ups.

We have faxed/ posted you our Hospital Information. What decision has been taken by you in this regard?

Taking the information provided by you into consideration, our Networking team has decided to empanel your Hospital, as it satisfies most of the criteria required for accreditation of any Hospital. We request you to send us both the copies of MOU’s duly signed by you to fulfill our formalities.

How do I check the genuineness of the member approaching us for availing cashless treatment?

As far as genuineness of the case is concerned, only showing ID does not authorize the member for availing treatment in our network hospitals. The Hospital should seek Authorization Letter (AL) directly from GHPL or the member should submit AL duly signed by GHPL team of doctors, to avail treatment in any of the member Hospital.

What should be the procedure followed in case of emergency admission?

In such cases the hospital should admit the patient as any other normal emergency case. The Member/Hospital should then send intimation to GHPL providing all the necessary information and arrange to obtain the Authority Letter before discharging such patient. In case of denial of such treatment from GHPL; the Hospital should collect all the charges directly from the member.

What about the procedure to be followed in case your member approaches our Hospital?

Once you choose to be a ‘GHPL Select member Hospital (GSMH)’, we will be sending you a GSMH Service protocol booklet briefing you on the procedures to be followed in various cases and containing all formats for various submissions to be made to GHPL.

What will be the jurisdiction in case of any legal Disputes?

For all legal matters the jurisdiction will be Hyderabad or nearest Branch office

There is no termination clause in the MOU. What if any party wants to terminate the agreement?

The termination clause can be added on request. However the agreement can be terminated from either of the sides with three months notice.

What is the Insurance Company you are representating and how will we be benefited with increased flow of patients?

Presently we are empanelled by NIC for the AP Region

Before signing your MOU, We want a deposit from your side which stands guarantee in case of default.

We already have more than 800 hospitals in our network including the best of Hospitals in every area, who have accepted the terms and conditions in our MOU and choose to act as our Network Service Provider. It is not our policy to pay any Deposit to any GSMH. Our Deposit with IRDA itself acts as a guarantee of our genuineness.

When and in what form will we receive our payments?

Once the claim is settled, your Cheque will be posted the next day.

Who will bear the cost of mails/Courier etc?

The cost of mailing all the documents to GHPL has to be essentially borne by the SMH.

What if even after sending the request for AL within 24 Hrs of receipt of emergency admission, GHPL does not respond by sending the Authorization/Denial Letter?

As a TPA we will ensure timely receipt of AL (on request).

However in very rare cases if the same is not received by you, the charges of such treatment can be collected from the member directly.